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Quote Of The DaY


Negative people will always try to drag you down to their level. Love them but rise above them. – Unknown


Much love and blessings… – Kimberly

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The Rudnicks Go To The Phoenix Zoo!

Hello all! I hope you all had a great week and I’m sure your looking forward to the weekend! (:

This past weekend – my husband, my daughter and I went on a trip to the Phoenix Zoo. It has been – um… about 10 years since I’ve been and I had forgotten how much fun it is!


Since it had been awhile for all of us, we wanted to get our zoo trip in before it became to HOT!! For it’s already getting a little hot in “MARCH” so I know it’s going to be a HOT SUMMER!! Yeah, remember Kimberly… Your in Arizona (: LOL!!


Catching them off guard as we enter the zoo. (:


My daughter said this area was cool!! Not… (: This is a “Snouted Cobra” also known as the banded Egyptian cobra found in Southern Africa. It’s a highly venomous species with neurotoxic venom.A bite can affect breathing, and if left untreated, may cause respiratory failure and death. Initial symptoms include pain and local swelling that may result in blistering. Typically, victims are bitten on the lower leg, usually at night. (Source: Wikipedia) Given the opportunity, the cobra will flee from danger. When, concerned, it will raise up its body and flatten its neck to look as intimidating as possible. (Source: Phoenix Zoo) He was tired so he was resting. LOL


Photo opp along the trail… (:


“Please don’t bother me…I’m napping!!” (: The Mountain Lion was resting. Oh, yeah…like I was going  to be the one to awaken it!! LOL.



I couldn’t pass it up!! (:

This is one place that I highly recommend going.Hopefully, you and your love ones will get a chance to visit. We had a wonderful time!


Much love and blessings… – Kimberly